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Worst new customer experience, ever.

I'll skip all the details about how I ended up deciding to sign up for Sprint cell service. This weekend, I bought a Sprint Mogul through their web site. I got a confirmation email and planned to call them the next day to change the mailing address because their web ordering system doesn't allow a different shipping address when an order is placed. The use case is simple: I can't be at home with the UPS guys is going to be there, ship it to where I work instead.

  1. Monday morning: Call in to Order Fulfillment. IVR with English prompts drops me in a queue with Spanish periodic announcements. Rep. answers after 15 minutes on hold. Through broken English: "We can't update the shipping address until it gets to the fulfillment stage. Call back later today."
  2. Monday afternoon: Call in to Order Fulfillment. English periodic announcements but end up in Spanish call center, again. Through broken English: "We are not allowed to update the shipping address." Argument ensues. Hang up and call back.
  3. Monday afternoon try #2: Call in to Order Fulfillment. Rep. actually tries to update the shipping address without saying anything about this policy and succeeds.
  4. Tuesday morning: Call in to Order Fulfillment to confirm that shipping address was actually changed. A party is going on in the call center; cheers, announcements, clapping. Through broken English over the noise of aforementioned party the rep. reads a semblance of the address that I provided. It's wrong. I ask to change it. The rep. tries but computer system will not allow her. Point out that the address is non-existant. Rep. says sorry but she can't do anything about it. Ask for supervisor. Rep. transfers me back in to the general queue."
  5. Tuesday morning #2: Call in to Order Fulfillment and immediately ask for supervisor; party is still going on in the back ground; have to explain myself three times because the rep. can't hear me over the party. On hold 15 minutes. Supervisor reads the incorrect address to me; says computer will not allow her to change it. Nothing she can do about it. It's my problem.
  6. Tuesday morning #3: In a fit of rage, I Google the Sprint Executive Customer Service number. Call it and without any IVR and no hold time, someone immediately picks up. Explain situation. She appologies profusely and volunteers to call around and see what can be done.
  7. Around noon, an hour later, executive agent calls back and tells me that she spoke with Fulfillment and they cannot change the shipping address, BUT they can cancel the order instead and she'll personally handle my new order. She asks me to call in the cancellation because she cannot do it on my behalf.
  8. Tuesday afternoon: Call in to Fulfillment. Rep. refuses to cancel saying its impossible. Ask for supervisor. On hold for 15 minutes. Supervisor says it's impossible to cancel. The fact that it's going to the wrong address is irrelevant and she apologizes. I'll just have to wait for the phone to be returned to them.
  9. Tuesday afternoon #2: Back to Executive queue, agent went home.
  10. Wednesday morning: Executive agent calls me back. Shocked that they refused to cancel. We decide to see if we can intercept the UPS package when it ships.
  11. Wednesday evening: Sprint tracking system shows UPS tracking number. UPS says they don't have it yet.
  12. Thursday morning (today): UPS shows my overnight package delivered to non-existent address. Call UPS, rep. gives me address actually delivered to. While on hold, I Google Maps the address and discover its a satellite photo of the UPS shipping center. I point this out to UPS rep. UPS rep. is audibly shocked. Puts a request in for a call from the facility.
  13. An hour later: UPS woman from local facility calls: "Package was requested removed from delivery by Sprint through internal system. Sprint technician in Sprint attire came in at 10:19 AM and picked up package, signed for it saying that he was going to hand-deliver it to the customer." UPS woman is audibly confused. Says this has never happened before.
  14. Thursday morning #2: Call in to Executive Queue. Leave message for my assigned agent: Um, WTF is going on?
  15. Thursday afternoon: Executive agent calls me back: Thinks someone working within Sprint or with access to Sprint systems has stolen the phone from the UPS shipping center. Going to try to figure it out with phone serial number. Will call me back tomorrow.

I dare anyone to come up with a worse experience trying to become a customer.


  1. Friday morning: Sprint-Nextel direct sales rep. calls and claims he mistook my order for his and mistakenly took it from the UPS shipping center. Wants to meet me somewhere to deliver it to me.
  2. Friday morning #2: Call in to Sprint Executive, "Is this guy for real?" She looks him up in their system using his caller ID. Yes, yes he really is a Sprint employee.
  3. Friday morning #3: Call him back to negotiate a place to meet, he offers to bring it to me. Ten minutes later, he drives up in a Sprint-Nextel car and delivers the phone, activating it for me, in person. Leaves business card.
  4. Friday afternoon: Call in to Executive. Rep. offers me $30 for my trouble.

$30 fucking dollars for 225 minutes (all logged on my T-Mobile account) of my time on the phone with Sprint customer service fixing their fuck-up.


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Mar. 14th, 2008 12:11 am (UTC)
Wow, I um, would say I can't believe this. Unfortunately, I kind of can. It was bad customer service experiences like this that prompted me to leave Sprint several years ago. It's amazing there is still stuff like this going on.

I'm sure you have your reasons for going with them in the first place, but seriously, might I suggest you may not want their service. It's not too late to cancel the whole deal.
Mar. 14th, 2008 02:16 pm (UTC)
Sprint to Alltel
We left sprint because of just that, bad customer service. The main was billing issues, over $800 worth that we ended up getting fixed after 3 weeks of calls.

Our business ships and insures phones but theft is becoming a big issue. The easiest and best way to reduce theft is if they changed their origin name to something like: SPCS then this would eliminate most of the theft.

Mar. 14th, 2008 07:57 pm (UTC)
Typical Sprint Service
I told you so!
Mar. 15th, 2008 12:46 am (UTC)
To the best of my knowledge, there is only one happy Sprint customer in the whole country.
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