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dot-com is back!

This morning a head hunter called me out the blue and wanted me to interview with a-different-company-which-shall-remain-nameless in Portland. (Which is very strange since I'm not even actively looking!) They want their programmers to relocate so, unless they make an incredibly lucrative offer, that's really not something I'm interested in. So I figured what they hey, why not interview? It's good practice.

The interview was for a lead developer overseeing Ruby on Rails development paying roughly 80k/year and relocation expenses. Having written a book on Ruby, I have some qualifications. They called me 15 minutes late from a conference room with 3 managerial types crowded around a speaker phone.

Anyways, from the very beginning things are off to a bad start and are smelling bad. One of the first questions was "What do you think of Perl?" to which I pontificated about the unmaintainability of it. I suggested that unit testing Perl is really the only way to keep it around with more than one person working on it. The programmer guy in the room replied, "I think it's more maintainable than Python." I blinked and stared at the receiver for a few moments and then finally said, "Um, that's an interesting opinion you have."

After more beating around the bush we moved on to a question about Agile programming methodologies. At this point alarm bells are going off in my head: their programmer guy just threw out marketing terminology to describe their managerial approach. I tell them that I think that that term is too conflated to use: it's a combination of lots of different "best practices" some of which are good and some of which aren't. Of them, I very much believe in unit testing (obviously) but I think that peer programming is a waste of time. Peer programming is where two people share a computer and one goofs around while the other person does all the coding. I don't allow it with any of the people who work for me.

He interrupts me and half-yells, "You are so wrong!"

What? Do you run all your interviews this way? Egh, needless to say, the job sounds less interesting than ever ...


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Jul. 27th, 2006 08:14 pm (UTC)
that was fun to read.
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