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Please email your representative in congress about the Patriot Act renewal vote next week; here is a letter that I wrote myself. Feel free to copy it for your own uses. Here's the link to the house and senate web sites.

I am writing you again on the subject of the Patriot Act. I appreciate your continuing efforts to curtail the expansion of government powers that infringe upon our civil liberties as you have indicated in your previous correspondence to me.

It appears that next week will be the last opportunity for reasonable Americans to stand up to the GOP's push for greater government surveillance powers. I know that you have little influence on the goings on of the Senate, but, as a Kansas resident, you are my only federal congressional representative with who this request will be heard; I beg you to please support Feingold's proposed filibuster of the proposed renewal of the Patriot Act. I hope that you have some behind-the-scenes meetings among your party members that allows for discussion of such drastic moves. In those discussions, even moral support from you may make all of the difference.

All my faith in the Democratic Party is riding on the out come of this move. I recognize that this may not be a popular or easy position to stand your ground on. But please, stand up for the most important of American values. Such courageous, bold moves can only demand respect from the observer.


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