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as a moment?

I finished off the day today by watching the director's cut of Donnie Darko. The director's cut seems more explicit than the original in its explanation of the turn of events. If it's been awhile or if you only somewhat liked the original, check it out.

Like the inhabitants of Middlesex, I sometimes look back at particular moments and find a sense of clarity that transcends the actual moment itself. Of course, I attribute this to the perspective that time grants me; how this looking at life playing back through a ViewMaster seems not unlike a moment in captured in a snow globe. A friend recently said to me that she felt as though she were not living her life in a happy way. I replied asking if life were just lived one responsibility to next. Do we find ourselves generally behaving as automatons with the capacity to look back on our lives and find joy in the happy moments that we happened upon by chance?

Also, I have little to say about it at this time, but I have been reading this introduction to philosophy and, while it's not in the book, I have been playing with a concept I'm temporarily calling 'imminent immortality'. The thought occurred to me while reading a section on those that find Meaning in "Life as Child-rearing". Though I'm sure someone in transhumanism circles has probably thought of it long before I did... it's worth noting now anyways in case it should ever prove to be useful in the future.


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