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Technical updates

  • It appears that MNG support has been added back in to Mozilla. Unfortunately, drivers demanded an incomplete implementation on the MNG spec. You can follow the bug activity here. I had to put my two cents in. Pavlov really pissed me off about this several months ago when I spoke with him on IRC concerning this issue. Sometimes the Mozilla developers think they're working from a cathedral, I think...
  • It seems that Outlook Express will continue to be developed. It will, like IE, however, no longer be distributed separately. Future version of OE will be distributed with an operating system only. This takes us down the continually dangerous path of having an Internet application bound to the operating system layer.
  • Regarding the latest SCO FUD (including a declaration by Darl, today, that their intent is to, indeed, destroy Free Software), I am continually appalled and amazed at the absurdity and arrogance of their claims. I was pleasantly surprised to see a well written response from the Free Software Foundation. I do so enjoy the writings of these idealists. Their press releases are more human than anything SCO, IBM or RedHat has released.
  • Following a nice update on Mozilla Firebird developments, I have switched to Firebird and Thunderbird. I am very impressed with the progress that has been made. Failing any new bugs discoveries, I will begin rolling this out to my spheres of influence. The progress that has been made on the XFPE user experience is to be especially commended.


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