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News reflection

  1. Outlook Express will no longer be developed by Microsoft. I think this is good news for everyone.
    • Less email viruses
    • A number of users will be upshaken when Windows Longhorn is released without Outlook Express. Those upshaken users will either switch to Hotmail as promoted by Microsoft or other solutions such as Yahoo! or Mozilla Mail.
  2. SCO has released their latest quarterly earnings report with some higher than expected numbers. This means that more people are buying in to their FUD. I'm waiting for IBM to hit them back on their PR-ish revokal of Sequent's UNIX license.
  3. SCO has been all over the news recently but, surprisingly, my favorite news site, news.google.com, carried more than a few stories from news outlets that SCO executives are dumping their stock. For journalists, this is a bold claim to be making in a news medium because of the liable possibilities such a claim contains.
  4. I changed my LJ style system over to S2.

Anyone know how to keep the LJ content area of posts from having a wrapping <p> ... </p> around it? I like writting my journal entries in raw HTML and I keep having to ensure that I properly start and end each post with an unopened and unclosed p element, respectively. This is annoying. The Don't auto-format feature doesn't change this behavior.


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Aug. 14th, 2003 06:41 pm (UTC)
S2 rocks! I switched over about a week ago.

I can't say I'm sad or even sorry to see OE development put on the shelf. I've not used it or IE for nearly a year now. Mozilla is just a no brainer now. Sure Mozilla may not be popular, but compared to the M$ alternatives I'm not complaining. I'll settle for security over crappy software anyday.

When Longhorn is released and IE is so tightly integrated into the OS that it can't be separated the Internet public will only be able to recall how foolish the Bush administration Department of Justice was.
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